What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

CSAs facilitate the ability for city folks to have access to fresh and locally grown food. Farmers deliver food to a specified location for weekly distributions. Members purchase a share in order to participate in the CSA and help build a community of thoughtful eaters.

So why should you join a CSA? Well, for starters, there’s something to be said for being able to meet and mingle with the people that grow your food. You get an educated and in-depth look of where your food comes from and can even participate in the process. By supporting local farmers, you also boost the local economy as well as reduce the pollution created by food traveling across the globe to get to us. Of course there’s also the health factor. CSAs are mainly organic with produce grown in a way that is safe for us and for our soil. This helps our food taste better and encourages us to try new recipes with healthy ingredients!

For more information about joining the TNS CSA, download our membership agreement.

For more information about CSAs in NYC visit www.justfood.org/.

Happy eating!


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  1. […] to blog about, yet I feel the need to share. The sun is shining, the plants are growing, the CSA is up and running. The CSA is the best part of the summer, Internet. I just made some lunch from […]


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