Japanese curry

I made a Japanese curry! It’s ridonkulously easy. And I used vegetables entirely from our CSA:

1 large onion
3 carrots (I used both orange and yellow)
2 potatoes
1 butternut squash
5 cups water

(The basic Japanese curry calls for onions, carrots and potatoes. But you can add other vegetables too, such as bell pepper or Japanese eggplant.)

Dice all vegetables into bite size chunks. Saute onions in oil for a few minutes. Add the other veggies. Stir until all are coated in cooking oil. Add 5 cups water. Boil for 10 minutes (until vegetables are tender but firm). Add Japanese curry cubes (it looks like the weirdest chocolate bar you’ve ever seen). Boil until thickens (approx 5 minutes). Serve over rice.

After I added the curry, it looked so murky and ominous I thought it resembled something one might boil in a cauldron for a Harry Potter potions class. So I took a little movie of it:

Here is a pic of the final product.

FYI, I used S & B Golden Curry (mild), which is easily found in the neighborhood (I got it at Gracefully). Next time I will go for the medium, as the squash made it taste rather sweet for a savory dish. Though Japanese curry is already generally a sweeter curry than some others, I find. I thought the squash would make a nice addition – and it did!

You can add meat to this dish with ease. Just brown cubes of beef, chicken, pork or even shrimp in the pot before adding any vegetables.

Bon CSAppetit!


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