Dinner Party

I had a dinner party Friday night for some friends, to share my CSA. I normally get a half share, but for the past two weeks I’ve gotten a whole share as my share partner was away. I thought I would post some pictures with what I served. I’ll post recipes in another entry.

We wound up a group of six in the end, and it seems my food was largely devoured.

Items from my CSA in Friday’s meal included

Red Leaf Lettuce
Green Leaf Lettuce
Yellow grape tomatoes

Behold, the eggplant, unwaxed, unadorned. Isn’t she beautiful?

And the humble cucumber (this one a kirby), also unwaxed, in it’s beautiful natural state. This is what we don’t get in supermarkets

The menu consisted of:

Sliced egg with mayo and paprika on sliced 7-grain
Plain hummus and spicy hummus with crudite

Cucumbers with goat cheese, spicy hummus, greek yogurt and chives

Eggplant (baked then finished off on a George Foreman grill) with tomato and garlicky parmesan mayo topping and basil garnish

The Hors d’œuvre spread

For the main course, a salad of mixed leaves, carrots, tomatoes and red onion with champagne vinaigrette

and fettucine with pesto

For dessert, Bosc pears poached in port wine with vanilla bean ice cream

I also put out some peppermint toads. One friend brought macarons, which were a perfect accompaniment to the pears and ice cream.

And here are some pics of us enjoying the evening

This is what I looked like after a day of cooking and cleaning. I desperately need a haircut

For drinks I brewed some Moroccan Mint iced tea and made French 75s. We also had lemonade.


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